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Vibrant MiU Metallic High Rise Wide Jeans

Vibrant MiU Metallic High Rise Wide Jeans

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Size & Measurements

Size Measurement (inch):

0: 11.5 (Waist), 16.0 (Hips), 32.0 (Inseam), 43.0 (Length)
1: 12.0 (Waist), 16.5 (Hips), 32.5 (Inseam), 43.5 (Length)
3: 12.5 (Waist), 17.0 (Hips), 33.0 (Inseam), 44.0 (Length)
5: 13.0 (Waist), 17.5 (Hips), 33.5 (Inseam), 44.5 (Length)
7: 13.5 (Waist), 18.0 (Hips), 34.0 (Inseam), 45.0 (Length)
9: 14.0 (Waist), 18.5 (Hips), 34.5 (Inseam), 45.5 (Length)
11: 14.5 (Waist), 19.0 (Hips), 35.0 (Inseam), 46.0 (Length)
13: 15.0 (Waist), 19.5 (Hips), 35.5 (Inseam), 46.5 (Length)
15: 15.5 (Waist), 20.0 (Hips), 36.0 (Inseam), 47.0 (Length)
17: 16.0 (Waist), 20.5 (Hips), 36.5 (Inseam), 47.5 (Length)

Model Measurements

Vibrant MIU Sizing Chart

Vibrant MIU Sizing Chart

Make a Statement with Our Metallic High Rise Wide Jeans!

Introducing our Metallic High Rise Wide Jeans, a bold and glamorous addition to your denim collection. These pants embrace the metallic trend in denim, offering a shimmering twist to a classic silhouette. With a high-rise waist and wide-leg design, they provide both comfort and style, ensuring you stand out in any crowd. The 5-pocket construction adds functionality, while the zip-fly closure ensures a secure fit.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex for comfort and stretch.
  • Metallic Trend: Embrace the metallic trend with a shimmering twist.
  • High Rise & Wide Leg: Stylish silhouette for a bold and glamorous look.
  • 5-Pocket Construction: Functional and trendy.
  • Zip Fly Closure: Secure and convenient.

Size & Fit:

  • Available in various sizes with a model height of 5'8" and wearing a size 3.
  • (3)Rise: 11.25", Inseam: 33"

Additional Details:

  • Style: Edgy and glamorous, perfect for making a statement.
  • Print/Pattern: Metallic for a bold and eye-catching effect.
  • Silhouette: Wide Jeans for a trendy and comfortable fit.
  • Embellishment: Pockets for added functionality.

Size Measurement (inch):

Size Waist Hips Inseam Length
0 11.5 16.0 32.0 43.0
1 12.0 16.5 32.5 43.5
3 12.5 17.0 33.0 44.0
5 13.0 17.5 33.5 44.5
7 13.5 18.0 34.0 45.0
9 14.0 18.5 34.5 45.5
11 14.5 19.0 35.0 46.0
13 15.0 19.5 35.5 46.5
15 15.5 20.0 36.0 47.0
17 16.0 20.5 36.5 47.5

Style Tips:

  • Pair with Statement Tops: Complement the bold metallic look with statement tops.
  • Heels or Boots: Elevate your style with heels or embrace a more casual look with boots.

Care Instructions:

  • Machine Wash: Cold, gentle cycle for easy maintenance.
  • Tumble Dry Low: Keep your metallic jeans looking fabulous.

Make a statement with our Metallic High Rise Wide Jeans, the perfect combination of boldness and glamour!


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Vibrant M.i.U

Expertly crafted and designed right here in Los Angeles, California. At Vibrant M.i.U, a sketch can turn into a nice pair of jeans

Where can I buy Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing in the USA?

Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing can be purchased from various online retailers, such as the brand's official website, as well as popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Fashion Nova. Additionally, you may find them in select brick-and-mortar stores that carry fashion apparel. It's also available in our store.


What sizes are available for Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing?

Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing is typically available in a range of sizes to accommodate different body types. Common sizes include XS (extra small), S (small), M (medium), L (large), and XL (extra large). It's advisable to check the specific size chart provided by the brand or retailer for accurate measurements.

What are the popular styles of Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing?

Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing offers a variety of popular styles, including skinny jeans, high-waisted jeans, ripped jeans, flare jeans, and boyfriend jeans. They are known for their trendy designs and vibrant colors.

Are Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans true to size?

Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing generally follows standard sizing, but it's important to consult the brand's size chart for accurate measurements. Some customers may find that the jeans run true to size, while others may prefer to size up or down depending on their personal preferences and fit.

How should I care for and wash Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing?

To properly care for Vibrant M.i.U brand jeans clothing, it's recommended to follow the care instructions provided on the garment's label. In general, it's advisable to turn the jeans inside out before washing, use a gentle cycle with cold water, and avoid using harsh detergents or bleach. Air drying or tumble drying on low heat is usually recommended to maintain the quality and color of the jeans.

Vegan Friendly & Low CO2 Emissions

All our products are made from Vegan Friendly Materials. 95% of our supply chain is local, so we have low carbon footprint. We partnered with tree-nation to reduce the carbon footprint by planting a tree for every product sold on our store.