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We proudly partnered with Tree-Nation to do our part in growing the forests.

For People, For Animals, For Planet.


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About Tree-Nation>

Tree-Nation, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change and reforesting the world. Tree-Nation facilitates tree planting projects all around the world.

We Donate a Tree every time you purchase a product from MeeeShop

For every purchase you made , you plant a tree in Our MeeeShop Forest. Along with order confirmation you will receive a separate email with the title 'MeeeShop offered you a tree on Tree-Nation.' 

Our Contribution

For Life


  • Supports all kinds of Life from Smallest Insects to Large Mammals. 

  • Prevents extinction of species.


For Water

  • Purifies Water & Reduces risk of Flooding.

  • 1/3 of Worlds Cities rely on Forest for Drinking Water.

For Air

  • Trees Provide Lion Share of Oxygen Supply for the Planet.

  • Absorbs all harmful pollutants like CO2, nitrogen oxide, carbon mono oxide etc,.

For Soil

  • Trees provide protection for soil.

  • Helps in nutrient recycling.

For Climate

  • Forests acts as Carbon Sinks.

  • Reduces Global Emissions.