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"Fashion with out Animal Sufferings & Exploitation"

Vegan Fashion is basically Clothing , shoes, bags & other accessories made from cruelty-free sources i.e., without animal products & by products, including leather, fur, feathers, wool, and silk. Instead, vegan-fashion use plant-based or artificial materials.

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Iluvmeeeshop | Vegan Fashion

Welcome to MeeeShop

What we do?

We retail hand picked premium quality products made from Eco-Vegan Materials.

What is Vegan?

Anyone who will not eat or use any type of animal products & byproducts.

Vegan Fashion?

Ecological sustainability can be achieved with vegan fashion.

Why Sustainability?

Improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations.

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"100% Cotton is Biodegradable"

Cotton is a natural fiber. Organic cotton known to improve soil quality and often uses less water. Its Sustainable & Biodegradable. It can be produced without causing cruel, unethical. Its suitable for anyone living a vegan lifestyle.