List of Vegan Materials


Acrylic Acrylic is a synthetic fabric made from a polymer called acrylonitrile.
Aertex Aertex is a trademark for a brand of loose-weave cotton fabric. 
Bamboo Bamboo cellulose is used to make all types of rayon, including viscose, modal, and lyocell. These materials are semi-synthetic and require a large amount of chemicals to create.
Batiste Batiste, also known as Cambric or Chambray, is a lightweight cotton (or linen) fabric used for linings, lingerie, and handkerchiefs. Vegan.
Buckram Buckram is a stiff cotton or linen cloth. Used for bookbinding, hats, and in clothing.
Calico Calico is a cheap, plain-woven textile made from unbleached cotton. Often, the cotton has not been fully-processed.
Cambric Cambric, also known as Chambray or Batiste, is a lightweight cotton (or linen) fabric used for linings, lingerie, and handkerchiefs. Vegan.
Canvas Canvas is a course and durable plain-woven fabric  traditionally made from hemp, but now typically made from cotton, linen or PVC.
Chambray (or Cambric) Chambray, also known as Cambric or Batiste, is a lightweight cotton (or linen) fabric used for linings, lingerie, and handkerchiefs. Vegan.
Chino Chino is a twill fabric. It is typically made from either 100% cotton or cotton-synthetic blend. Vegan.
Chintz Chintz is a brightly printed and glazed cotton fabric.
Cord (or Corduroy) Cord, or Corduoroy, is a textile made from twisted fibers that have been woven into a distinctive cord pattern. Normally made from cotton.
Cork Cork is made the soft bark of some kinds of oak tree.
Cotton Cotton is made from fibers that surround the seeds of the cotton plant. It is used as both a textile fiber and as a thread for sewing.
Cretonne Cretonne is a heavy cotton fabric used for upholstery. Typically printed with a floral pattern.
Denim (or Jean) Denim is a durable cotton textile with distinctive diagonal ribbing. Denim itself is vegan, but jeans sometimes aren't due to leather patches.
Dimity Dimity is a sheer cotton fabric woven with raised stripes or checks. Hard-wearing.
Duck (or Duck Cloth, or Duck Canvas) Duck is a heavy woven cotton cotton fabric which can be used for both clothing and tents.
Elastane Elastane is a synthetic fiber that is stronger and more durable than rubber, while still retaining exceptional elasticity.
Elastic Elastic is a flexible stretchable fabric, typically cotton, nylon or polyester, made with interwoven strands of rubber or elastane.
Faux-Leather (Leatherette, Vinyl, or Polyurethane) Faux-leather is a synthetic fabric that replicates the look of real leather.
Flannelette Flannelett is a light cotton fabric that has been designed to imitate flannel.
Fleece Fleece and microfleece are made from PET, a plastic. Not to be confused with the fleece of a sheep or goat.
Fustian Fustian is a cotton and linen fabric. Strong, with a short nap, it is usally dyed in dark colors.
Gingham Gingham is a lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth. Typically produced in a check design mixing white with a bolder color.
Hemp Hemp is a tough fiber harvested from the cannabis plant.
Khaki Khaki is a strong twilled cloth usually made from cotton and linen.
Lame Lame is a fabric made using a mix of one material (often synthetic) with thin metallic fibers to create a shiny, metallic-looking fabric.
Leatherette (or Imitation leather) Leatherette is an imitation leather made from paper, cloth, synthetics, or other materials.
Linen Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. Cool and fresh in hot weather.
Lint Lint is a linen or cotton fabric with a raised nap on one side. Commonly used to make bandages.
Lisle Lisle is a fine fabric made from lisle yarn, (a strong, high-twisted yarn made of cotton).
Lyocell Lyocell is a type of Rayon made using the Lyocell process. It is a semi-synthetic fabric made using wood or bamboo cellulose.
Mackintosh (or Macintosh) Mackintosh is a lightweight waterproof fabric, usually rubberized.
Madras Madras is a lightweight fabric made from cotton. It typically has a patterned texture and a plaid design. Ideal for summer clothing.
Marseille Marseille is a strong cotton fabric. It has a raised pattern and is used for bedspreads.
Mesh Mesh is material that resembles a net due to a large number of closely-spaced holes. Typically made of nylon or polyester.
Microfiber Microfiber is a very fine synthetic yarn.
Modal Modal is a type of Rayon. It is a semi-synthetic fiber made out of tree or bamboo cellulose. Used alone or sometimes blended (often with cotton).
Moleskin Moleskin is a durable cotton fabric with a velvety nap. It is not made from moles.
Monk's cloth Monk's cloth is a heavy cloth made from cotton with a basket weave.
Moquette Moquette is a synthetic fabric. It is thick and velvety and is normally used for carpets and soft upholstery.
Muslin Muslin is a loose plain weave cotton fabric.
Nankeen Nankeen is a pale yellow cotton cloth.
Neoprene Neoprene is a synthetic alternative to rubber.
Nylon Nylon is a synthetic polymer made from materials derived from petroleum.
Oilcloth Oilcloth refers to a cloth treated on one side with a drying oil or synthetic resin.
Organdie (or Organdy) Organidie is a sheer stiff muslin.
Orlon Orlon is a brand name for first acrylic fibers created by DuPont.
Percale Percale is a closely-woven cotton fabric used to make bed covers.
PET (or PETE) PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a plastic. When used in fashion is is normally called polyester.
Pilot Cloth Pilot cloth is a heavy woolen material with a thicknap. Used for seamen's uniforms.
Pique Pique is a weaving style characterized by fine ribbing. Normally used with cotton yarn.
Polar Fleece (or Polar Wool) Polar fleece is a highly-insulating fabric with a soft nap. Made from synthetics such as polyester.
Polyester Polyester is category of synthetic fibers. The Most common is PET.
Prima Loft Prima Loft is a brand of synthetic insulating materials developed for the US Army in the 1980s.
Ramie Ramie is a natural fiber made from the stalks of the Chinese Nettle plant. It is similar to linen, and has been used for fabric for more than 5,000 years.
Rayon Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made by chemically treating tree and bamboo cellulose.
Sailcloth Sailcloth is any fabric used for boat sails. Could be cotton, nylon, or Dacron.
Sateen Sateen is a cotton (or sometimes rayon) fabric with a satiny finish.
Scrim Scrim is a lightweight woven fabric used in curtains, bookbinding, and upholstery. May also refer to a heavier reinforcement material used art, building, and canvas making. Made from cotton or flax.
Seersucker Seersucker is a light fabric normally made of cotton with alternating rough and smooth stripes.
Silesia Silesia is a twilled cotton fabric used for pockets and linings.
Spandex Spandex is an extremely stretch synthetic fiber used in the manufacture of elastic clothing.
Tapa (or Tappa) Tapa is a paper-like cloth made in the South Pacific by pounding tapa bark.
Tencel Tencel is a brand of lyocel and modal rayon fibers produced by Lenzing. It is a semi-synthetic fabric made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp.
Thinsulate Thinsulate is a brand of synthetic themally-insulating fiber used in clothing.
Ultrasuede Ultrasuede is a synthetic microfiber used as a substitute for suede leather.
Velcro Velcro is a fastener for clothes consisting of two connecting sides, one with stiff hooks, the other softer loops. Both sides are made from nylon.
Velour Velour is a plush fabric made from cotton or polyester that resembles velvet. It can be produced cheaper than velvet and is vegan.
Velveteen Velveteen is a cotton fabric with a dense pile made to resemble velvet.
Vinyl (or PVC) Vinyl, or PVC, is a plastic.
Viscose Viscose is a type of rayon made using the viscose process. It is made from tree and bamboo cellulose and commonly used in fashion.
Voile Voile is a sheer fabric, usually made of either 100% cotton or cotton blended with linen or polyester. Used in curtain making.
Vulcanized Fiber Vulcanized fiber is a tough laminated plastic made from cellulose.