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Fame Flower Braided Tote Bag

Fame Flower Braided Tote Bag

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Size & Measurements

Embrace Bohemian Vibes with Flower Braided Tote Bag

Introducing the Flower Braided Tote Bag – a charming and stylish accessory that effortlessly infuses a touch of bohemian flair into your outfit. Adorned with intricate braided detailing and delightful floral embellishments, this tote bag is both functional and fashionable, offering ample space for your belongings while exuding a relaxed and summery vibe.

Key Features:

  • Bag Size: Large for practicality and style
  • Material: Crafted with 100% paper for a lightweight and unique texture
  • Imported: Ensuring superior craftsmanship and quality

Charming Bohemian Design:

The Flower Braided Tote Bag features a whimsical and feminine look, thanks to its intricate braided detailing and delightful floral embellishments. Embrace carefree and relaxed aesthetics with this charming accessory.

Functional and Fashionable:

This tote bag not only serves as a stylish accessory but also offers practicality with ample space for your belongings. Whether you're heading to the beach, a picnic, or a casual outing, carry this tote to showcase your unique sense of style.

Relaxed and Summery Vibe:

Immerse yourself in a relaxed and summery vibe with the Flower Braided Tote Bag. Perfect for those who appreciate a laid-back aesthetic, this accessory is designed to complement your carefree and easygoing lifestyle.

Product Measurements (Inches):

  • One Size:
    • Actual Length: 20 inches
    • Actual Height: 18 inches
    • Actual Width: 0.25 inches
    • Weight: 12.35 ounces

Embrace bohemian vibes and enhance your ensemble with the Flower Braided Tote Bag. Whether you're strolling through the market or enjoying a sunny day outdoors, this tote bag adds a delightful and eye-catching touch to your overall look. Elevate your style with this charming accessory that effortlessly captures the essence of carefree fashion.


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