How difficult it is to be a Vegan?

What is Vegan? Food Choices & Limitations.

It is extremely easy to be a Vegan. First people need to understand that veganism is just not a diet it’s a lifestyle.

Lack of proper information makes people think that it’s difficult. Diet is the first thing that’s comes into mind when someone talks about vegan. Most of the foods can be made vegan.

What / Who is Vegan?

How difficult it is to be a Vegan?

Milk & Food

There are plenty of plant based milk options available these days. These can be found is all super stores and can be made at home with in 5–10 minutes with proper guidance.

People argue about protein sources when they talk about vegan diet. Legumes, lentils , tofu , other pulses and vegetables do have required proteins. Nuts provide instant energy and they are rich of protein.

Due to COVID-19, most people started including nuts in their daily food sources.

Egg, Paneer, Meat: Tofu which is made from soy milk is best alternative for meat eaters trying vegan diet.


Need to be extra cautious where ever possible to avoid animal products & by products. Avoid wool, fur, leather , silk for Clothing, footwear & other accessories. There is lot of information available online about which materials are vegan and what clothes are made Cruelty-free.

These days Vegan is a trending term. Hence, most online stores do provide vegan , sustainable & eco friendly clothing , accessories. Glad they have clear list of Vegan materials.

Due to fast spreading awareness, many online stores started promoting Vegan Clothing , Shoes & Accessories. Some of the renowned brands have few products made from Vegan, Cruelty-free materials. We need to check the product descriptions before purchasing them. 

Medicinal Field

Some of the life saving medicines can’t be made vegan as more research needed on that front .

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