New norm : Plus size dresses.

In years past,Guest Posting it used to be the norm to hide your face in shame when purchasing a plus-size dress. Even finding perfect-plus size dresses was a difficult task. Wearing a plus-size dress used to mean that you just did not look the “right” way, you needed to change. For ages, society, has told women around the world who they should be and what they should wear but now it’s all changing. These days purchasing plus size dresses are becoming the norm. Instead of society telling women what to look like, women are telling society what their needs are.

Looking right

It used to be that women had to “look right”, which meant looking like the thin models that graced the covers of magazines but it all is changing. More women have begun to voice their right to be honored as the women they are, whatever their shape…even if it means they are plus size. To gaze upon the perfectly molded mannequins at the mall might mean that a woman must look a certain way but as media and society evolves more people are beginning to accept the plus size women. Even some modeling agencies have begun to gear their brands and looks toward the plus-size woman. “Looking right” now means looking like your body looks!

Media is more accepting

The media is now more accepting of plus-sized figures because the fact that plus-size woman exist can no longer be hidden. More and more, we are seeing an influx of commercials for plus-size women. These commercials give the curvier woman the courage to go out and buy plus-size dresses. As the media continues influencing woman, the more normal going out and buying a plus-size dress is becoming. The media is a powerful tool in shaping what is acceptable for a woman’s body image, though in the past few years it has shifted to being more accepting of all shapes and sizes.

Women are voicing their needs

Being plus-size woman calls for differentiating needs in fashion and style when being compared to the average size woman. Women are beginning to realize that they to voice their need for larger clothing. The stores at the mall have not always had the plus size section, but it’s all changing thanks to women telling the world what they need. Now the plus-size section is a norm and a woman can walk in and buy as many plus size dresses as she pleases. It’s as simple as telling the store clerk that you need something in a bigger size, and more times than not, you can be aided in the plus-size section. Speaking up has always made all the difference.

Wearing plus size dresses has grown into a world-wide phenomenon even jumping on board is the fascination with plus-size swimsuits and plus-size lingerie. Being a curvier woman who is ridiculed and shamed has become a memory of the past. Now women can feel free about their looks as media has become more accepting and society has begun to note the need to accommodate plus size women. Buy a larger dress, shirt, or pants, is as easy as picking up a fast food these days. Of course society will always have a say in how women should look, but it’s up to the women of our day to voice their opinions and needs.


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