How to Style with Women's Cardigans



Even though fashions come and go, some pieces of clothing continue to stay in trend and are popular wardrobe essentials. Women's cardigan sweaters unquestionably fall under this category.


Even while cardigan sweaters exist in a variety of designs, their fundamental components—a knit sweater that is either buttoned, zipped, or tied in the front—remain the same. The original intent of the cardigan was to provide additional warmth during the chilly Crimean War winter operations. Cardigans are no longer worn on battlefields, but they are still frequently seen in other places like work and school. This is in part because the sweater makes it simple for the wearer to layer on extra garments for warmth and take it off when not required.


As a basic top, a cardigan sweater is one of the most popular ways to wear one. The front of the cardigan is either buttoned, zippered, or tied. The cardigan can be worn alone if it is fastened. The sweater is available in both casual and dressy designs. Cardigans with short sleeves or no sleeves are the ideal option for spring or summer wear when paired with a trouser or skirt.


A cardigan sweater can also be worn as a layering piece over a top or shirt. It is ideal for circumstances where more warmth is required without the added bulk of gear like a coat or jacket. The cardigan is especially appropriate for settings like schools or offices where the temperature may fluctuate throughout the day and the wearer doesn't have access to a thermostat they may set to their own preferences.


A cardigan is also frequently worn over leggings. This looks best with cardigans in the longer, tunic-style variety. Keep your appearance slender and sleek by wearing bottoms with a narrow profile. With a longer cardigan on top, stretch leggings, cigarette pants, and riding type pants all look amazing.


Finding the right cardigan

When purchasing a cardigan for yourself, you should be able to evaluate the fabric's durability and overall quality. You might have to pay a bit more to get the high-quality fabric in the desired style and color, but it's worth it. Women's cardigans have changed significantly over time. Almost every clothing company has a line of cardigans to fit the needs of both working and non-working ladies. When purchasing a cardigan, make sure the fabric is of a high caliber.


Women from all ages and professions love the cardigan sweater because it is so fashionable. It is a clothing trend that works for everyone, from the struggling college student donning a Target brand basic to fend off the chill while walking to class to the career lady adding a cardigan to mix and match in her wardrobe to the socialite wearing a twinset for her monthly lunch. A cardigan sweater is a necessary foundation piece for any outfit, regardless of your station in life.


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